Aphelios' Arsenal (Fan Made)






Aphelios' Arsenal (Fan Made)

Aphelios' entire arsenal remade and re textured to be more HD and realistic. Modeled in Maya, Textured in Substance and rendered in Marmoset.
The original models were used for scale purposes while fan art and concept art were used for texture and detailing reference. The textures are not made to look identical to Aphelios' in game textures as i felt the in game ones were too bland without their visual effects. I mixed the visual effects into the textures buy adding glows and gradients to the metals of each weapons colour.
Infernum turned out a bit worse than the rest. I couldnt get the high poly to bake properly for some reason so it could be better.
May end up making the scene from the aphelios trailer and put it in UE4 a long with the weapons effects later, as i couldnt work out how to get the weapon effects to look good in a render without faking it in photoshop